Ny Genealogy Pages covering Østfold and Akershus
up to and including the younger family at Botner in Høland. The "Middle Ages" section starts with the older families at "O" in Vang and "Botner" in Høland via the governor and councilor Sigurd Havtorsson to Giske - a daughterson of King Håkon V Magnusson.

This section mainly covers
Østfold (Askim, Eidsberg, Trøgstad, Rødenes) and Akershus (Høland, Fet, Enebakk).

Family Name
Sources Graphical Overview

Please note that a family name often is identical to the name of their farm(s)!

My paternal grandfather and his immediate ancestors:

Fredrik Nygaard. Born 25.10.1880 in Tøyengt. 28, Grønland, Kristiania (OS). Died 19.01.1960 in Oslo (OS). Ole Anton Christensen Nygaard. Born 01.10.1847 at Nygaard Nordre (Øvre), Løken Søndre, Askim (ØF). Died 21.09.1911 in Tøyengt. 28, Grønland, Kristiania (OS). Police sergeant. Christen Olsen Nygaard. Born 14.06.1813 at Gudim Nedre, Askim (ØF). Died 09.04.1890 at Nygaard Nordre (Øvre), Løken Søndre, Askim (ØF). Cottager and shoemaker.
Mari Christensdatter. Born 14.11.1812 at Vollene, Fusk, Askim (ØF). Died 1904 at Nygaard Nordre (Øvre), Løken Søndre, Askim (ØF).
Anne Lovise Frantsdatter. Born 26.12.1850 at Sandem, Vandogg, Eidsberg (ØF). Died ...12.1936 in Oslo. Frants Olsen Sandem. Born 20.01.1814 at Komnes Vestre, Løken, Høland (AK). Died 1902 at Sandem, Vandogg, Eidsberg (ØF). Cottager at Vandogg.
Anne Marie Andersdatter. Born 26.09.1812 at Sagstua, Lekum, Eidsberg (ØF). Died 07.05.1889 at Sandem, Vandogg, Eidsberg (ØF).

Updated genealogy pages - Østfold and Akershus:

Fredrik Nygaard  
Contains an appendix on the address:Tøyengaten 28 in Oslo.
Ole Anton Christensen Nygaard Contains an appendix om «Grønland og Nedre Tøyens bebyggelseshistorie»
Knud Bjørnsen Dramstad Ancestors of Knud Bjørnsen at Dramstad in Askim.
Asser Garsegg/Sulerud Ancestors of Mari Assersdatter at Søndre Nord-Moen in Eidsberg
(Her father previously assumed to be living at Leangsrud in Eidsberg).
Kolbjørn Gjellestad Ancestors of Iffuer Kolbjørnsen at Søndre Aaser in Askim
(His father previously assumed to be living at Fusk in Askim).
Guttul Bjørnsen Gjellestad Ancestors of Guttul at Gjellestad in Askim.
Oluf Trondsen Torp Previously fautly named Ole Olsen Torp.
His father lived at Opsahl in Eidsberg.
Halle Torchildsen Botner The hypothetical connection between the younger and older generations at Botner in Høland and O in Vang is removed. See graphics
Register of
Allodial Farm Owners
Riksarkivet (The The National Archives) holds paper copies from the «Stattholder»-archive containing Odelsjordebøker (Register of allodial farm owners) from 1624-26.
I have copied extracts from this archive and presents these in a separate chapter. Transcriptions are included in relevant biographies.
Ragnild Andersdatter
She was the daughter of Anders Halfuorsen at Stenbye, Rømskog in Rødenes, and Giertrud Kieldsdatter.
Married to Syver Olsen at Graverholt, Setskog in Høland.
Laurits Lauritsen Kinnestad Previously registrated as the son of Niels and Karine at Kinnestad, This is wrong as his patronymic was Lauritsen. This is proven in a call to witness requested by his grandson in a Assize record of proceedings.
Steener Olluffsen? Store Hoel Updated biography for Steener at Store Hoel in Askim partly based upon an article
by Sten Høyendahl in Runar 2/2009:
Var bondeopprøreren Stener Hol i Askim fra Søndre Nes i Trøgstad?

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