My Genealogy Pages Covering Denmark

This section mainly covers Copenhagen and the counties
Frederiksværk, Frederiksborg, Roskilde, Maribo, Randers and Haderslev.

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My paternal grandmother and her immediate ancestors:

Hansine Kathrine Margrethe Berg. Born 08.11.1877 in Frederiksværk Købstad, Vinderød (Frederiksborg county). Died 30.03.1957 in Oslo (OS). Peder Viggo Berg. Born 05.09.1854 in Stubbekøbing (Maribo county). Died 25.01.1913 in Vor Frelser parish (Copenhagen). Johannes Cordia Bech Berg. Born 03.04.1824 in Stubbekøbing parish (Maribo county). Died 06.12.1882 in Frederiksværk Købstad, Vinderød (Frederiksborg county).
Marie Vilhelmine Lindholm. Born 02.01.1824 in Moseby, Aastrup parish (Maribo county). Died 21.01.1883 in Frederiksværk Købstad, Vinderød (Frederiksborg county).
Theodora Cathrine Caroline Nielsen. Born 13.07.1855 in Helsingør (Frederiksborg county). Died 04.05.1931 in Timotheus parish (Copenhagen). Jacob Hendrik Frederik Nielsen. Born 02.01.1822 in Rendsborg, Holstein. Died before 1870. Tailor.
Bodil Kirstine Pedersen. Born 25.01.1822 in Hornbæk (Frederiksborg county). Lived 1869 in Helsingør (Frederiksborg county).

Updated genealogy pages - Denmark:

All ancestor biographies are controlled and updated using the parish registers and census data available via the internet pages of The Danish State Archives at When appropriate, the biographies are given an historical context.
Jacob Hendrik Frederik Nielsen
Bodil Kirstine Pedersen
Many of their ancestors worked at Kronborg Geværfabrik (Kronborg Small Arms Factory) north of Helsingør. They lived in the small towns and villages near the factory and the network of lakes, dams, and water mills that supported its production. The "Daneguns" were exported to Africa, India, the West Indies, and colonial America.
Cornelius Hansen Lindholm
Cornelius came from the county of Haderslev where he worked as a school teacher in about 1800. He attended Vesterborg Seminarium (a teacher training college) on Lolland in 1802 and moved afterwards to Moseby in Aastrup parish in Maribo county. Here he worked as a school teacher for 45 years. Several of his children and sons-in-law also worked as school teachers on Falster.
Johan Christopher Berg
Johan Peter Berg
Johan Christopher was chief mate on the China-route in 1782. From 1783 he was cofardie capitain (master) on three expeditions to Tranquebar in India. In 1791 he left the sea and bought a brewery in Copenhagen.
His son, Johan Peter, was a marine officer and participated in the Copenhagen Defence in 1807. From 1808 he was head of a cannonboat platoon at Svendborg and from 1811 he served at the Row-Cannonboat flotilla at Storebælt.

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