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This section mainly covers
Sør-Trøndelag (Malvik, Tydal, Haltdalen, Høyvik, Stjørna, Nes, Røros), Nord-Trøndelag (Inderøy),
Oppland (Vågå, Lom, Skjåk, Lesja, Nord-Fron, Sør-Fron, Ringebu, Øyer, Fåberg) and Hedmark (Romedal in Stange).

Family Name
Sources Grafisk oversikt Board of ancestors

Please note that a family name often is identical to the name of their farm(s)!

My maternal grandfather and his immediate ancestors:

Julius Aas. Born 25.03.1877 at Strømmen, Sakshaug, Inderøy (NT). Died 31.08.1916 in Kristiania. Mate / Shipmaster. Peter Aas. Born 09.04.1839 at Stuevold, Tydal (ST). Died 27.11.1905 at Strømmen, Sakshaug, Inderøy (NT). Merchant. Ole Pettersen. Born 1799 at Grøt, Haltdalen (ST). Died 19.04.1878 at Vasilimoen Østre, Vasili, Malvik (ST). Inderst.
Lisbet Olsdatter. Born 1814 at Aas, Tydal (ST).
Anna Johanna Møller. Born 20.10.1839 at Bakklandet, Bakke, Strinda (ST). Died 31.08.1928 at Leinstrand, Melhus (ST). Johan Arnt Møller. Born 16.11.1815 at Høyvåg, Råk Ytre, Stjørna (ST). Jekteskipper.
Karen Isaksdatter Tonning. Born 1809 at Bersvendstuen, Holungsøy, Vågå (OP). Maid-servant.

Updated genealogy pages – Trøndelag and Oppland (Gudbrandsdalen):

Julius Aas
Starting point for ancestors in Trøndelag and Oppland (Gudbrandsdalen)
My maternal grandfather.
In addition to my mother, Julius also had the son Reidar Julius Aas/Clausen out of wedlock with Laura Jensen.
Julius died of tuberculosis in 1916.
Petter Olsen Aas
Starting point for ancestors in Haltdalen, Singsâs and Tydalen
My maternal grandfathers father.
Karen Isaksdatter Tonning
Starting point for ancestors in Gudbrandsdalen
My maternal grandfathers maternal grandmother.
Torber Iversen Høyvaag
Starting point for ancestors at Ørlandet
My maternal grandfathers maternal grandfathers father.
Anne Ellendsdatter Schanke
Starting point for ancestors among the Skanke and Spell ancestors
My maternal grandfathers maternal grandfathers mother.
Ole Olsen Aas The uncle of Julius and his siblings grew up in cramped conditions in Stuevold (Stuguvollen) south of Tydalen centrum and near the border with Jämtland in Sweden.
He moved to Trndheim where he studied goldsmithing and later started his well known goldsmith business Ole Aas AS.
Østen Guttormsen Bjølstad [Bratt]
It is probable that Østen Guttormsen [Bratt] at Bjølstad in Heidal in Gudbrandssdalen was married three times and that he had children in all three marriages.
Sven at Gautestad in Romedal
We do not know for sure if it was Svein – or his wife Soleig – who was the child of Sunnulv Ivarsen (mentioned between 1383 and 1412).
Peder Gudmundsen Aas Lunden/Hilmo Peder was married to Galu, daughter of Peder Bjørnsen at Aas Lunden.
In an appendix to his biography about the catastrophic consequences in Haltdalen, Singsâs and Tydalen of the Swedes' retreat after the attack on Trondheim in 1718/19.
Joen Bersvendsen Botten/Heksem The 17-yesr-old Joen Bersvendsen at Heksem (Ustgården) in Haltdalen in the 1701-census,i.e. born around 1784, was not – as previously assumed – the son of the chaplain Bersvend at Heksem:
Jørgen Olsen Bjørgan Ustgården The farm history for Haltdalen og Haltdalingen writes about Jørgen under Ramnan Nordgården:
«At this time a new family arrives here. Where the first Jørgen Olsen came from is not known, the name Jørgen is little known in the parish. A Jørgen Olsen can be found in Selbyggrommet at this time, but a family connection has not been proven.»
However, it was his son, Ole, who came to Ramnan Nordgården. He married Marit Pedersdatter Høen, the widow after Johannes Rasmussen. It was Johannes hwo had bought Nordgården, and Marit inherited the farm after him.
Jørgen himself married Marit Sivertsdatter at Ustbjørgan no later than 1714, the year their eldest son Ole was born. Marit was the widow after Ole Andersen Ustbjørgan.
Iver Gulbrandsen Flatberg Ustgården Iver was the son-in-law – not the son – of Erich Iversen at Flatberg Nordgården in Haltdalen.
Mogens Yset Oppgaarden Mogens took over Yset, Oppgården in Haltdalen around 1719. He married Beret Ellevsdatter. This is evident from the shift after Beret which was held in 1729.
I have come to the conclusion that Beret must be the daughter of Ellev Bjørnsen Yset Oppgaarden, and that this is why Mogens took over Yset Oppgpården after General Armfeldt's retreat through Haltdalen in 1718/19!
Lars Pedersen Grøt According to Haltdalen og Haltdalingen Lars Pedersen on Grøt in 1701 was not identical with the Lars who used the farm befpre.
I mean to have proved that it was the same man and that he was the son of Peder Grøt mentioned on the smaller part of the farm in 1645 and as Peder Grøtte in 1647!
Sakse Henningsen Kirkvold Sakse married Anne Olsdatter from Gresli.
It is clear that the parish regiser for Selbu and Tydal does not contain any entries from the congregation in Tydal between 1699 and 1737! Fortunately, goldsmith Einar Aas (1884-1949) in Trondheim in the 1930s made notes from an apparently later lost parish register.
«Engaged 1st Pentecost 1729.
Saxe Henningsen Østby and Kari Joensdatter Kirchvold.
Groomsmen: Ole Græslien and Joen Aas.
Saxe Henningsen married Ane Olsdatter Græslie the 2nd time.»
According to Tydalsboka and Bygdebok for Tydal a new user of Kirkvold in 1721 and 1727 was named Jon, but all we know about him is that he had a son named Ole. Furthermore, that this Ole had no sons but two daughters who were both named Anne and that the brothers Anders and Sakse were married to their respective Anne. No further documentation is given.
The mentioned Ole Jonsen has not been found as a user at Kirkvold.
I suspect that it is all a post-construction based on the fact that both Sakse and Anders were married to Ole-daugthers and that Jon, who used Kirkvold in 1723 and 1727, had a son named Ole.
Anne Valborg Nielsdatter Fævaag
Her parents and paternal grandparents are detected.
Bersvend Hansen Bersvendstuen
His parents and paternal grandparents are detected.
Ingelev Olsdatter Klones
Her parents are found at Klones i Vågå. Their ancestors are found:
In Vågå at Austrem, Valbjør, Fellese, Sørum, Sandbu, Helle, Bjølstad, Rudi and Røssum.
In Nord-Fron at Forbrigd in Kvam and Kongsli in Sødorp, Nord-Fron.
In Ringebu at Hjelle in Fåvang and Vestad. In Lom at Blakar. In Lesja at Tynnøl.
The result is a larger update of my maternal grandfathers ancestor overview!
Her ancestors are now traced back to families that lived at some of the largest farms in Gudbrandsdalen in the beginning of the 14th century (Sandbu in Vågå, Bjølstad in Heidal (Vågå), Skidaker (Skjåk) in Skjåk, Hundorp in Sør-Fron, Harildstad in Kvikne (Sør-Fron) and Hovin (Hove) in Fåberg),
Bratt is not a family name!
View the following examples::
Østen Guttormsen Bjølstad [Bratt]
Steinar Østensen [Bratt]
The name Bratt occurs throughout The Middle Ages and to this day in all the nordic countries. The name has been used to name an abrupt, inflexible individual, that is, the name is characterizing a person, It certainly came into use in many places at various times independent of each other.
When Engebret Hougen then in «Ættesoge for Gudbrandsdalen» and in other articles tries to find relationship between families using the «Bratt»-name, his conclusions fails!
Henning Lauritzsen Blakar [Munk]
His father was Lauritz Olavsen Blakar [Munk] (~1443 - ~1519).
According to S. H. Finne-Grønn his father was named Lasse Henningsen Munk. This is a mixture of names. The person he describes is his wifes father, Henning Guttormsen Blakar «av Vaaben» («of Weapon») !.
Synnøve Ivarsdatter Sandbu
She married Aasmund at Harildstad (mentioned in 1564) and not Amund Iversen Røssum!
The confusion is the result of a misinterpretation of the farm name «Røisem» mentioned in the estate settlement at Steig in 1588. The farm in question was Røysheim in Lom and not Røssem in Kvam, as assumed by Engebret Hougen in «Nogen nye opplysninger om bondearistokratiet i Gudbrandsdalen, Harildstad-Sandbu-ætten)» (N.S.T. XII (1949-50, page 234).
Trond Eindridsen[?] Tynnøl
It is likely - but not certain - that his patrynymic was var Eindridsen.
His mother was probably Gunnhild Trondsdatter who, together with her brother Erland, at Kvarberg in 14[90?] divided the inheritance after their parents (DN III 1110).
We do not know the identity of his father. His asssumed paternal ancestors - as described in «Ættesoge for Gudbrandsdalen», bind III (1974) by Engebret Hougen - has been rejected!

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