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Troms (Karlsøy, Tromsøsund, Balsfjord, Malangen, Målselv, Lenvik).

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Please note that a family name often is identical to the name of their farm(s)!

My maternal grandmother and her immediate ancestors:

Nora Fredrike Jensine Nilsdatter. Born 30.06.1888 at Kragnæs, Tromsøysund (TR). Died 23.10.1936 in Oslo (OS). Nils Andreas Nilsen Grønaas/Kragnæs. Born 29.10.1855 at Grønaasen Nedre, Balsfjord (TR). Died 13.06.1923 in Tromsø (TR). Farmer and fisherman. Nils Hansen Grønaas/Rakfjord. Born 1819 at Langstrand, Sletten (Sletnæs), Balsfjord (TR). Died 25.12.1881 at Rakfjord, Tromsøysund (TR). Farmer.
Elen Sophie Johannesdatter. Born 23.04.1826 at Sletnæs, Nordkjosen, Balsfjord (TR). Died 02.04.1893 at Rakfjord, Tromsøysund (TR).
Andrea Kildal Carlsdatter. Born 14.08.1859 at Kragnæs, Tromsøysund (TR). Died 17.07.1919 in Tromsø (TR). Carl Frederik Pettersen Kragnæs. Born 29.04.1832 at Kragnæs, Tromsøysund (TR). Died 20.02.1901 at Kragnæs, Tromsøysund (TR). Tenant farmer and fisherman.
Ane Hansdatter. Born 08.11.1831 at Sandøre (Sannes), Balsfjord (TR). Died 16.07.1894 at Kragnæs, Tromsøysund (TR).

Updated genealogy pages - Troms:

Otte [Jacobsen?] Lorck Otte is mentioned using a patronymicon only once – in «Norske Rigs-Registranter», volulme VII, page 176.
Besides this case he is always named Otte Lorck or Lorch.
According to Karlsøy og Helgøy Bygdebok the chief mate Otte Ottesen from Trondheim – settled at Nordeidet and married to Anne Christensdatter Bloch in her second marriage – was one of his sons.
This must be a misunderstanding. He was never named Lorck, so there is no reason to assume that he was the son of Otte Lorck. They only had a given name in common!
Mads Pedersen I have not found any source whatsoever where he is named anything but Mads Pedersen!
It is assumed in Karlsøy og Helgøy Bygdebok that Mads had the family name Søegaard.
    «In 1666 the priest of Karlsøy claimed that vogt Søegaard had taken the farming areas
     which the priest and the “clokker” [deacon] used at Reinsvoll, and given the piece
     of land to his son-in-law, Christen Knudsen, for him to establish a farm and a small fishing harbor there.»
The book refers to the 1666-cencus, but this cencus do not include the family name «Søegaard»!
It is therefore no reason to assume that he belongs to the danish «Søegaard»-family»!
Anne Ottesdtter, married to
           Hans Tostensen Selnes
Previously I have assumed that she was the daughter of chief mate Otte Ottesen from Trondheim and later settled at Nordeide and Anne Christensdatter [Bloch] in her second marriage.
This was wrong and is now corrected!
Lars Olsen Grepstad According to Kulturbilder fra gamle Hillesøy by Jens Solvang, Lars was the son of Oluf Eidissen Grepstad (who died around 1640) and Giertud Olsdatter. In an article in Yggdrasil 4/2017
    Grebstad og litt Buvik – Litt om den eldre tid,
Alvin Andreassen discuss previous material and states that the ancestor relationship assumed by «Kulturbilder» to the older generation at Grepstad cannot be correct as the widow of Oluf was named Anne.
If Lars was he brother of Gjertrud, we have to raise the question where he has been prior to 1652, when he shows up as user of the whole Grepstad of 1½ våger fisk [measurement of fish] and is the owner of a jekt [an older norwegian broad and small sailing boat] of 16 lesters drektighet [old ship measurement of tonnage].
He probably married the widow Gjertrud Olsdatter, who most likely was the daughter of Oluf and Anne and in 1650 paid the captain- and chief mate tax.
Henrich Hofnagel
Trine Henrichsdatter Hofnagel
Aase Henrichsdatter
Previously I have assumed that Aase Henrichsdatter was the daughter of Henrich Hofnagel and the sister of Trine Henrichsdatter Hofnagel.
This was wrong, and is now corrected!
Sophia Matthiasdatter Kierrisnæs The parents of Sophia was Kvens who had settled at
Kierrisnæs in Målselv.
The Kvens lives in northern Finland and the Tornedalen valley of northern Sweden. They speak a finnish-like language named Meänkieli, meaning «Our language».
Her father - Mats [Matthias] Hansson - was probably the son of
Hans Olofsson and Karin Matsdotter from Lainio in the parish of Jukkasjärvi.
Her mother - Dordie [Dorothea] Henriksdotter - was probably the daughter of
Henrik Matsson Kemiläinen and Sofia Niklasdotter Servio from the village of Jukkasjärvi.
Julius Aas Julius got my mother, Hildur Aas/Christiansen, outside marriage in 1910.
In 1915 he also got the son Reidar Julius Aas/Clausen outside marriage with Laura Jensen.
Julius died from consumption in 1916.
Nora Fredrike Jensine Nilsdatter My maternal grandmother married Adolf Johannes Christiansen on august 31, 1916, in Bergen.
The biography of Adolf contained many errors and is corrected.
Hildur Aas/Christiansen In 1910 as well as in 1912 my mother was named Hildur Aas and not Hildur Nilsen!
She presumably lived with foster-parents in Bergen until she 6 years old moved to her mother and step-father in Christiania.

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