My Genealogy Pages Covering The Middle Ages
starting at the farms O in Vang and Botner in Høland via
Sigurd Havtorsson to Giske, District Judge and Council of the Kingdom

Not being able to prove how, it is, however, obvious that their descendants are
found among the 16th century families at O in Vang and Botner in Høland
. See graphics

Family Name

Gyrd Ingjaldsson at O, his sons (and possible daughter) and their immediate ancestors:

Jon Gyrdsson. Mentioned 1438. Died after 1448.

Eivind Gyrdsson. Born about 1400 at O, Vang (HE). Known until 1471. Advisory Juryman.

??? Gyrdsdatter(?) Skidaker. Known about 1480.

Gyrd Ingjaldsson at O. Known from 1385 until 1400 at O, Vang (HE). Ingjald Guttormsson at O. Born about 1330 at O, Vang (HE). Known until 1361 at O, Vang (HE). District Judge.  
Gudrid at O. Mentioned 1348 and 1349 at O, Vang (HE).
Cecilia Sigurdsdatter at O. Mentioned 1360 at O, Vang (HE). Died before 1370 at O, Vang (HE). Sigurd Havtorsson to Giske. Born about 1315 at Sørum (Sudreim, Skedjuhof), Sørum (AK). Dead about 1392. District Judge and Council of the Kingdom.
Son of
Havtore Jonsson to Sudreim and
Agnes Håkonsdatter to Sudreim
a daughter of
kong Håkon V Magnusson of Norway.
Ingeborg Erlingsdatter to Bjarkøy and Giske. Born about 1320 på Sørum (Sudreim, Skedjuhof), Sørum (AK). Ded about 1370.
??? Eivindsdatter. Born about 1360 at Botner, Løken, Høland (AK). Lived 1400 at O, Vang (HE). Eivind Astesson Botner. Known from 1340 until 1362 at Botner, Løken, Høland (AK). Ester Bonde [i.e. farmer] at Botner. Mentioned 1329 at Botner, Løken, Høland (AK).
Tora ???.  

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