The families at Botner in Løken, Høland, and O in Vang.

The connection between the younger and older families at Botner in Løken, Høland and O in Vang is not clarified.

Graphical overview.

Even though I am convinced that there has to be a connection between the families,
I have decided to end the overview of my ancestors in «Østfold/Akershus» with

Halle Torchildsen at Botner.

In a Users Forum discussion in the Digital Archive of The National Archives of Norway dated 2005 March 31,
Tore H. Vigerust found the connection likely):
We cannot take any information from the 18th century that the people of Botner are descended in the direct male line from Jutuls and other pre-Christian giants (by authors such as Reiar Gjellebøl; Wilse etc.), nor from nobles on the farm in the 15th century (something which not mentioned in 18th-century sources).But it is reasonable that the Botner people around 1600 descend (on the male and/or female side) from one of the two brothers of the O family, Eivind Gjordsson, mentioned 1438-1471, and Jon Gjordsson (at Botner?), known 1438-1448. The relationship can go via Nils Jensson. Or via Mogens O. Or without both Nils Jensson and Mogens O. (I think it is still possible that this Mogens O 1528 could be identical to the Halland nobleman Mogens 0.)

«The Middle Ages» section use the older families at Botner and O as the starting point.

Gyrd Ingjaldsson at O, his sons and their immediate ancestors:
Jon Gyrdsson. Mentioned 1443. Died after 1448.

Eivind Gyrdsson. Born about 1400 at O, Vang (HE). Known until 1471. Advisory Juryman.

Gyrd Ingjaldsson at O. Known from 1385 until 1400 at O, Vang (HE). Ingjald Guttormsson at O. Born about 1330 at O, Vang (HE). Known until 1361 at O, Vang (HE). District Judge.  
Gudrid at O. Mentioned 1348 and 1349 at O, Vang (HE).
Cecilia Sigurdsdatter at O. Born before 1342. Lived 1361 at O, Vang (HE). Continued in next table!
Sigurd Havtorsson to Giske. Born about 1315 at Sørum (Sudreim, Skedjuhof), Sørum (AK). Dead about 1392. District Judge and Council of the Kingdom.
??? Eivindsdatter. Born about 1360 at Botner, Løken, Høland (AK). Lived 1400 at O, Vang (HE). Eivind Astesson Botner. Known from 1340 until 1362 at Botner, Løken, Høland (AK). Ester Bonde [i.e. farmer] at Botner. Mentioned 1329 at Botner, Løken, Høland (AK).
Tora ???.  

Sigurd Havtorsson to Giske and his immediate ancestors:
Continued from previous table!
Sigurd Havtorsson to Giske. Born about 1315 at Sørum (Sudreim, Skedjuhof), Sørum (AK). Died about 1392. District Judge and Council of the Kingdom.
Havtore Jonsson to Sudreim. Born about 1275. Died 1320 at Sørum (Sudreim, Skedjuhof), Sørum (AK). District Judge and Council of the Kingdom. Jon Raud Ivarsson to Sudreim. Born about 1245. Died about 1312 at Sørum (Sudreim, Skedjuhof), Sørum (AK). Baron and District Judge. Ivar of Skedjuhof. Mentioned 1224. District Judge at Hedmark.
Agnes Håkonsdatter to Sudreim. Born about 1292. Died 1319 at Sørum (Sudreim, Skedjuhof), Sørum (AK). Håkon V Magnusson of Norway. Born 1270. Died 08.05.1319 at Tunsberghus. King of Norway. Magnus VI Håkonsson Lagabøte of Norway. Born 01.05.1238 in Tønsberg. Died 09.05.1280 in Bergen. King.
Ingeborg Eriksdatter. Born about 1244. Died 1287. Queen.
??? Sigurdsdatter of Hestbø. Abbess? Sigurd Ivarsson of Hestbø Born about 1235. Loin man.

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