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Tore Nygaard - born in Oslo, Norway - living in Linköping, Sweden.

My own biography (norwegian only).             Hurtigruten in May 2014.

My genealogy pages are divided into five sections. The first four sections are organized according to the regions where my grandparents were born and/or their ancestors lived. The last section, The Middle Ages, represents the ancestors of the families at the farms O in Vang and Botner in Høland via Sigurd Havtorsson to Giske, District Judge and Council of the Kingdom.

I have rejected my previously described line of relationships between Sjøfar Sjøfarsen at Søndre Sæther in Baastad, Trøgstad, via the families at Østby in Skjeberg (the so-called «Rosensverd»-family) and Aasa Ulvsdatter at Elingaard in Onsøy to Jon Havtorsson at Sudreim to Borregaard!
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The five sections are:

The individual ancestor pages are written in Norwegian.
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